YEAST BERLIN connects the world to unique UK & European craft beer experiences, people and places. We run regular features as well as events, tours and travel, creating awesome beer adventures for awesome people. 

We're on the hunt for passionate people to write about the beer scene in their city. We're also looking for event hosts - outgoing, kick ass people with experience in running events, tours and parties who want to put on truly memorable occasions with us.

If these opportunities sound up your street then give us a shout!
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Event/Tour Host - Join us as a YEAST BERLIN event host and work with us on running some truly excellent beer adventures!

Do you love beer and hanging out with interesting people? Do you have a crazy creative brain that can come up with and execute great ideas? Think you can host small/medium/large scale events? Have some great beer contacts in your city and are pretty active on social media? Want to earn cash and escape the rat race? If this sounds like music to your ears then we want to hear from you! 

Writer - We’re looking for a number of city based YEAST BERLIN ‘Ale-stars’ to review their favourite bars, breweries and beers and really put their city on the map.

As well as being safe in the knowledge you’re helping people make great decisions on their next beer wherever they are in the world, we also throw a number of perks your way so if the below sounds like you then get in touch.

Currently we’re looking for Ale-stars that match any of these criteria:

*The ability to casually review and rate bars, restaurants, beers and breweries in your city - you have an opinion, have something to say and want to share it with the world.
* Videographers who can give us a snapshot of the beer scene in your backyard.
*Already regular social media contributors who drink a lot of beer and have even more to say/snap/share.
*People in the know with good connections at local bars/breweries/restaurants.
*Regular travellers who want to give us their own perspective on a recent beer adventure in a new place.
*Ex-pats who have a unique take on their local beer scene.
*Friendly, positive people who love to give back and have a real love of craft beer.

Do you have experience as a writer or event organiser? *

This isn't an absolute must but obviously some experience is always welcomed

Where are you based? (city & country) *

What age are you? *

YEAST BERLIN writers and event hosts must be over the legal drinking age in their country
What is your current favourite brewery, beer and bar? *

What else are you into beyond beer - i.e music, food, movies etc - give us some details? *

Tell us more about yourself and why you feel you'd be ideal as a writer or event host for us? *

i.e you have experience, you're super passionate about the scene, you have great contacts in bars/pubs/breweries - tell us as much as you can
Please pop in your IG & Twitter handle here - Feel free to pop in any links or the like to writing, events you've done before etc too.

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